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  • Mob Masher  101)   Mob Masher 1.00
    You are the last Defense for a city in need. Fend off the Mob in this intense action driving game. Game is fun and absolutely FREE!

  • SkyMaze  102)   SkyMaze 2.10
    SkyMaze is a NEW incredibly addictive PacMan-style arcade game played in full 3D. PLAY over 80 imaginative levels with great graphics and a unique features: power shields, magic bridges, freeze bonuses and wily monsters.

  • Naruto Battle Grounds  103)   Naruto Battle Grounds 1.0
    Defeat all the enemies and using a combination of skills, reach and defeat the villain chief at the end of the game.

  • Probe 'Toxic Crisis'  104)   Probe 'Toxic Crisis' 3.9
    There's panic underground! Drums of nuclear waste have begun to leak! Now you must navigate a probe in vast underground caverns transporting the drums to new containment pods!

  • Prehistoric  105)   Prehistoric 1.0
    Kill the furball creatures by hitting the platform they are on from below. Use spacebar for special items

  • Sonic Quiz Yoruchi  106)   Sonic Quiz Yoruchi 1.0
    Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik.

  • The Loona Base RTS Demo  108)   The Loona Base RTS Demo 1.0
    The Loona Base is an economy strategy game with elements comparable to SimCity. Colonize the moon. There are plenty of levels to play.

  • Assasins Creed Stoneage  110)   Assasins Creed Stoneage 1.0
    Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a prehistoric age. As the player you take the role of the father who had his daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night by hunters. After being left for dead by the hunters the father

  • Attack of the Little Green Men  113)   Attack of the Little Green Men 1.2
    Go on the offensive against bizarre enemy aliens in this action-packed side scrolling space shooter that mixes the familiar old school gameplay with amazing 3D graphics and surround sound that completely suck you in.

  • Earthworm Jim  114)   Earthworm Jim 1.0
    Meet our hero - a sweet and loveable fella who just happens to be a steroid enhanced Earthworm. This is the wild and wacky platform shooter that everybody talks about, and was a big hit when it was first released.

  • Hamsterball  115)   Hamsterball 3.6
    Take control of a hamster in a ball and go a-rollin' through fifteen of the the craziest obstacle courses you've ever seen! But be careful, because the clock is ticking and everything and everyone is out to stop you!

  • Free Racing Games  116)   Free Racing Games 2.0
    Race against the time, run from the police, use the highway to your advantage - Mob Chase free racing game is finally here. This game really has it all. Racing, action, adrenaline, shooting,...

  • Counter Strike Training Arena  119)   Counter Strike Training Arena 1.0
    A very detailed and featured shooter based around the popular Counter Strike game. Challenge your shooting and war strategy skills here! First person shooter like Counter Strike except you perform certain miss.

  • Ultraman: Towards the Future  120)   Ultraman: Towards the Future 1.0
    Ultraman: Towards the Future is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game that is based on the shonen anime, Ultraman. The object is to weaken an opponent, and once the opponent is weakened,

  • Charlie the Duck  121)   Charlie the Duck 1.0
    Jump on bees and other creatures as you collect coins and gems. Don't let enemies touch you. Use Arrow Keys and Space Bar to play this game.Have a fun !

  • Sonic 3D  122)   Sonic 3D 1.0
    A 3D reincarnation of Sonic. Sonic is now transformed once again into an outstanding 3D game! You have to collect birds by killing monsters and returning them through a hoop.

  • Atomic Runner  123)   Atomic Runner 1.0
    Chelnov is a young scientist turned superhero thanks to his power armor, which he must use in an all-out struggle with an invading alien army that has managed to take him captive.

  • Air Sonic Attack  124)   Air Sonic Attack 1.0
    New Sonic adventures by You are Sonic, the enemies attack, shoot at the enemies with the apples but be aware you can hit yourself. You have 5 lives and the possibility to catch life bonus.

  • [counter strike] cs pwnage guide 2.0  125)   [counter strike] cs pwnage guide 2.0 2.0
    Counter-Strike guide will increase your headshot (HS) percentage, Kill to death ratio(K:D), gun accuracy (ACC), reflexes and reaction time, gaming confidence, and your KILLER INSTINCTS. In short, it will give you True skills in CS.

  • Comix Zone  126)   Comix Zone 1.0
    The game progresses linear through each page of the comic book, however secret paths and alternate routes through the story can be discovered. At the end of each level, Sketch receives a super hero rating for how well he's progressing.

  • IronHero  128)   IronHero 1.2
    IronHero is real-time 3D tank shooter game with unlimited mission pack and smart enemy AI. As one of tank commanders, you should find and destroy enemy tank platoon. Your teammates will help you to do the job.

  • AceSpeeder!  129)   AceSpeeder! 1.0
    Start your engine and race with your Cool Hovercraft against others in this futuristic racing game! This Game is Freeware and screened for maximum quality by Illusion Software! Feel free to distribute this Game on your own website.

  • ActRaiser  130)   ActRaiser 1.0
    ActRaiser is a 1990 Super Nintendo Entertainment System action and city-building simulation game developed by Quintet and published by Enix (now Square Enix) that combines traditional side-scrolling platforming with urban planning god game sections.

  • Dead Mobsters  131)   Dead Mobsters
    The mean streets run rife with organized criminals, mobsters, ninjas and zombies.

  • Contra Game Workshop  132)   Contra Game Workshop 1.31
    A: A few mouse clicks to make your own flash games without any progaming! B: Then sign your name, save the project to hard disk as *.fga file for future use and edit C: Publish and share your games with others on the internet !

  • Alien Shooter 2  133)   Alien Shooter 2 1.2
    Alien Shooter 2 is the unique alloy of arcade action and RPG elements which combines well-established world of classical Action games.

  • RoX 1.2  135)   RoX 1.2
    A fast action/puzzle game resembling Boulder-Dash and Supaplex.

  • Bunny Blast  136)   Bunny Blast 1.22
    In the near future, a disastrous chemical spill occurs.

  • Absolute Blue  137)   Absolute Blue 1.0
    You have to fight your way through 60 sectors of 4 graphically different worlds with 3 levels each. You can improve your ship with many upgrades and power-ups.

  • Super Mario Mushroom Revolution  139)   Super Mario Mushroom Revolution 1.0
    An addicting tower game with tons of possibilities element combination and special attack. Use many type of Mario Mushroom and upgrade them to more powerful buddies. Use fire elements, acid and lighting to raise firepower agains some of the monsters

  • Battletoads  140)   Battletoads 1.0
    The Dark Queen has captured two of your friends, Rash and Pimple. You play as a Battletoad called Zitz and it's up to you to help them.

  • Mario Forever Galaxy  143)   Mario Forever Galaxy 1.8
    Welcome to the continuation of famous Mario Forever. After what happened in first part many things changed. Evil bowser rebuilt his army and kidnapped princess to another planet. This time Mario is not alone.

  • Farm Frenzy  144)   Farm Frenzy 1.0
    There's a lot to like about the latest incarnation of Farm Frenzy. First of all, it's wacky and doesn't take itself too seriously. Secondly, it has a whopping 95 levels and 30 animals. Upgrades? You want upgrades? Farm Frenzy 3 delivers there too, wi

  • Alien 3  146)   Alien 3 1.0
    Use your machine guns to blast away at the aliens. Based on the movie of the same name, it's your duty to guide Lieutenant Ripley through Fiorina 161 prison camp in search of survivors... and aliens.

  • Asteroids  147)   Asteroids 1.0.0
    Break the asteroids into small pieces until you destroy them. Beware of the UFO's also!

  • CaveDays  148)   CaveDays 1.1
    Featuring sharp pixelart, acid humour and lots of action, CaveDays reshapes the Stone Age! Meet Ugo, Dawson and their friends in 30 levels filled with dangerous dinosaurs and more than a hundred goals to complete. For casual and hardcore players.

  • Crimsonland  149)   Crimsonland
    In Crimsonland the longer you manage to stay alive the more experience you get.

  • Bleach Games  150)   Bleach Games 1.0
    Another mighty game with Ichigo. The mighty grim warrior must slay his enemies uses katana and many kinds swords. Train you skills and fihting techniques to conquer the dark territories of monsters and daemons!

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